Beautiful Slovenia


Slovenia is at the top of the list for the richest of the Slavic countries. Once part of the Yugoslavia, it doesn’t get the hordes of tourists that Italy has, but it has a star quality to it that can’t be beat. It is really close to Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Croatia. The summers are pristine and the winters are chilly but with plenty to do. There are plenty of mountains that offer downhill skiing and other snow sports. It also has 29 miles (47 kilometers) of Mediterranean coastline. The Alps, Dinaric Alps, Pannonian Plain, and Mediterranean Sea are all within this lovely country.

Due to its troubled past, it isn’t expensive to live here at the moment. It gained European Union (EU) membership in 2004 and has seen some great infrastructure develop since then. It is no longer an Eastern European country in despair. It still has old world charm, and that can be seen in Ljubljana. There are only 275,000 people living there, but it’s easy to get to the beaches and ski resorts. If you’re into something a little more adventurous, give Slovenia a try for a while. In the city, most people speak English, and the locals are always willing to help.

Author: Loraine Couturier – full article available at: 4 Countries that are Hidden Gems When it Comes to Building an Online Business – StartUp Mindset